Do What you love to do

Do what you love you love what you do. You must have often heard this phrase. Impression that sentence may have a positive meaning, but if you think about it, the sentence actually presents two options for you. First, what you choose to love and accept things happening around you at this time, or you want to try to do the things you really want. Your life may seem perfect. You just got a promotion at work, still faithful lover in the arms, even you also include one female figure idol in the community where you are. In short, your life can make many women feel jealous. But what ever terbesit when all that is achieved today is what you dreamed of? Think again, how did you get to work at the company where your career, how you can join in a community, or how do you usually respond to a call that comes at you. If so the answer is "I work here k arena recommendation of a friend, and then I thought why tidal?" Or "I live in this apartment because the parents asked me to live independently at a young age." Other answer, "I served in the community environmentalists because currently popular and it seems like fun. "Unfortunately, the answers to which often contain the word" Why not "," Looks like fun ", or" That sounds good ", usually it could be a sign that you are doing so because there is no control from outside . There is no harm in listening to feedback from the people closest to, but do not forget your heart desires. "When you are not fully in control of yourself, you can lose the opportunity to enjoy a life that was really fun," said Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D., author of The Search For Fulfillment. Additionally, if you allow yourself to dissolve in a situation that you think are fine (when in fact it is not so your dreams) then over time the situation can make you disappointed.

Take the Steering

Small steps in everyday life can train you to be more in control of life. "When you realize that you are 'driven', after a long time you can learn to understand what you really want," said Meg Jay, author of The Defining Decade. Well, here's a tip Adar variety you can better understand the things that you desire.

Says "I Thought" / "I Want To" / "I Feel"

The sentence will make you apart from the influence of those who can dominate you. Darling, you know there is no harm in letting others know what you want.

Spend Time in the Morning

Use the time before starting the routine by doing the things you love. Smeisal sports, preparing breakfast, or watching a favorite TV program. That way you have trained yourself to do things you want, not what you should do.

The power of Social Media

Take advantage of social media such as Pinterest or Instagram to be a collage of things that make your spirit. When you take the time to take pictures or browsing on something inspiring, then you will better understand the things you love.

Try New Things

Here you are welcome to get out of your comfort zone. Try to join a community that you've never heard before, such as chakra meditation classes, or diving courses. This activity can help you find new things that you enjoy.

Create a Blog

Write what happened in your day and upload photos of events you meet, make you aware of the things that you have passed. In the end, you will understand everything has its good and bad consequences.

Select One Sports

In addition to making the body more fit, exercise is also beneficial to make the mind so quieter. When you do not find this type of exercise for the occupied, you can start by looking for interesting classes of information that exist in the fitness Centner.

Reading power

There are many types of books that can help convince myself to undergo a variety of things to be desired. Books on creativity, biographies of famous people, and self help books can certainly inspire you. Besides novels and magazines can also inspire you know. Make sure from now on to read into one of your favorite activities.

Alone time

Sit back and relax alone does not always indicate the type of person you are a loner and introverted. Actually, those moments are needed because when an individual, you can concentrate more think of desires and devise steps to achieve it.

Reminder sentence

"This is your life. Do what you want and do it often. Live is short and share your passion, "that's one sentence in the Holstee Manifesto. You can put these quotations in places easily visible so that you stay motivated.